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About Alaska Gateway School District's RAVE Grant

RAVE stands for Rural Alaska Village Entrepreneurs .  The US Department of  education awarded the Alaska Gateway School District a grant to fulfill their vision of  entrepreneurship and local career paths for Native Alaskan students in the Eastern Interior of Alaska.  It is the largest single application that the district has received  $3.56M over 4 years.  An exciting project for our School District that creates real world possibilities in education and rural careers for our students.   RAVE is a collaborative project managed by AGSD, between three school districts, two university branches and the Native Associations in each of those areas. It is intended to provide our students with the skills to see the possibilities for entrepreneurship within their local, rural communities.  


Our Mission

Career Pathways to Community Based Careers

“Project Rave goes to the heart of the issues facing Native Alaskans students. RAVE inspires students to take stepping stones to local careers and thriving villages.....”
— LeAnn Young - Special Programs RAVE Adminstator

What We will achieve

  • Career Pathways in Agriculture,Food and Natural Resources.
  • Career Pathways in Architecture & Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics.
  • Career Pathways in Health Sciences, Human Services, Law & Public Safety, Security & Corrections.
  • Local Opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Community Involvement through knowledge of programs, collaboration and the benefits of education to the community.
  • Contextual Learning for students who will experience real-world relevant work situations to build interests and skills.
  • Curriculum that is relevant, flexible and focused on local application.  Practical knowledge and 21st Century skills are at the core of the new curriculums
  • Healthy Thriving Communities where students have a feeling of responsibility and stewardship for their people and villages.