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RAVE offers Individualized learning plans for all students, making a commitment to bright futures within local communities.   Students are offered opportunities to try introductory courses and do short work experiences within their local community.  These real world experiences will assist students and their teachers and mentors to form a career plan.  There will be further opportunities to participate in longer field experiences and to set up dual credit whereby students can start earning college credits while still attending high school.  Our students will become entrepreneurs, well educated and grounded in core subjects that support their dream of excellent career choices within their rural communities.  RAVE students will emerge from their four year journey  with occupational endorsements, entrepreneurial skills, invitations for employment, certifications and most importantly a strong connection to their education and community.  The futures of our rural villages is indeed bright with young people supporting the infrastructure of rural life, by stepping up to the careers and opportunities that will make us thrive.  The RAVE journey is one of hope and success, it sees life returning to our rural way of life. It builds  strong futures and healthy communities.




The professional development we offer our teachers ensures that career pathways offered are at the cutting edge of  educational accomplishment.  Our teachers are leading the way in the effective use of integrated classroom technology.  Technological competencies are increasingly vital to the modern workplace. We also honor cultrually relevant instruction and ensure our teachers are equipped with the important skills of placing career education and expertise within a respectful cultrual context.  We know that students and communities who understand that instruction is respectful of culture and relevant to their reality outside of school, will thrive as they engage in academic achievment.


Instruction implementation

RAVE has a four year plan to create pathways of learning for individual students.  In order to reach out to students in multiple remote villages a specialized plan allows for blended online courses that also merge into traditional classrooms.  Career and Technical Education is at the forefront of this new initiative with entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art and math embedded into learning for students embracing a future that reaches out to community based careers.